Christ Memorial Pastor Jim Liske discusses the Uniting Against Abuse conference.

We, as concerned people in our community, are uniting to wage peace, heal families and build hope to end abuse

Over three hundred faith communities in Western Michigan are forming a united front to help those who suffer in silence.  We are doing this by linking arms with nonprofit service providers, the corporate community, the medical professionals, academia, and law enforcement.

We are ordinary people coming together in a nonpartisan effort to help the hurting.  Michigan ranks ninth in the nation in domestic homicides, second in sex trafficking, and ninth in child abuse and neglect.  This crime of abuse knows no boundaries -- it is experienced by all identities and across all cultural and faith backgrounds. Yet it is largely preventable.  

Uniting Against Abuse 2017:  West Michigan Faith Community Conference to End Abuse is an event hosted by Faith Communities of Western Michigan with the purpose of raising awareness, providing education, and sharing resources to equip our community to provide the help so desperately needed by those who suffer in silence.

We invite you to watch this brief video.  Pastor Jim Liske, Uniting Against Abuse Keynote Speaker, explains that this is a "movement beginning in Southwest Michigan to have the image of God be in every single home within our reach and to have the faith community be the delivery system of all that is beautiful."


Hear from a few of the speakers at the Uniting Against Abuse 2017 Conference!


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